Ever wonder to yourself what the advantages to the flu vaccination are? There are many people that have questions about them. You might be curious about what the advantages of the flu vaccination are.The flu vaccination is a small dead flu virus that is injected in to a person’s body. The flu vaccination is 60 percent effective to prevent future need of treatment for the flu virus. People should get the vaccination in January and February.

The flu vaccination is only protecting you for one season so it needs to be injected every season. It takes two weeks for the antibodies to develop inside of a person’s body, to provide protection against the flu, but you are still at risk.

Some of the advantages are the flu vaccination cannot give you the flu. It’s a miss conception that you get the flu from the vaccination. They give you a severely weak virus. You don’t need to get a shot, the flu vaccination can be given in a nasal spray as well. The nasal spray vaccination is as effective as well. There’s also great news as well most companies give the flu vaccination for free. The vaccination can help you keep those sick days.

Some side effect of the flu vaccination are headaches, soreness and swelling in the injected area (for the shot), fever and nausea. Some fainting does happen but mostly in adolescents.Possible mild side effects of the nasal spray are wheezing, headaches, and vomiting, runny nose, fevers, and muscle aches.

The serious side effects are difficult breathing, swelling around the eyes and lips, paleness, racing heart, high fever, hoarseness, hives, and dizziness. If you have these symptoms contact your health provider immediately.

People with chicken egg allergies and people who have a history of serious reactions to the flu vaccination should not get the flu vaccination. People with a moderate to severe illness that has a fever should not get the flu vaccination because the flu vaccination could worsen the fever.

People with a history of Gillian-Barre syndrome should not get the flu vaccination.