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An air conditioner was once a luxury purchase but nowadays it has become a necessity. The bloodshot eye of global warming is definitely one of the reasons why many a person is buying an air con. An air conditioning Oxford employee can tell you that every year the ‘sales figure’ of the air con machines is going up. The price of the air conditioner has gone down considerably. Though it is not yet within the affordable limit of all and sundry but the middle class is having no problem in spending on a room cooling machine.

The modern day air con is not the same as it was used to be at the time of its invention. Application of several innovating measures has evolved its look and functions by a considerable margin. History witnesses to the very existence of the cooling mechanism in the ancient time though it was not like the modern day technology that provides a comfy and cool ambiance for us. You can have this knowledge from an air conditioning Oxford brochure. It may provide details regarding the long history of an air con’s evolution.


You may be surprised to know that the Roman empire used a special cooling technique for the sake of comfort in the summer season. The western world was much influenced by the advanced Roman civilization. You can gather information regarding their cooling technology from an air conditioning Oxford guidebook. The Romans used channels for transportation of drinking water. These same channels were fitted within home for the purpose of cooling. If you shift attention from the western world to the easter zone, you can get to learn that the Chinese also developed a unique cooling technique. May be your air conditioning Oxford guidebook has the picture of the rotary fans that was used by the Chinese to beat the heat in the hot and humid summer period. The Persians also invented a unique cooling system. They used to dig out a deep cistern or pool. Evaporation of water is a common scientific phenomenon. When water evaporates, it absorbs latent heat from the surroundings and thereby making the ambiance cooler. An air conditioning Oxford employee who is inquisitive like you, may have enough interesting information to tell you regarding the invention and innovation of the cooling technique.

The modern day air con came into being only in 1820. Michael Faraday, the well known physicist and chemist invented it. The machine followed the evaporation phenomenon but this time the liquid was liquefied ammonia instead of water. Further improvement was done by John Gorrie who used a fan to produce the cooler effect. Well, just flip through the pages of an

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book, you may have pictures of the erstwhile air conditioners. The first air con that was used in the printing plant was made by Mr. Carrier in 1902. At the beginning, every air con used ammonia and propane to drag down the temperature. But later freon was used as the cooling agent. Nowadays all the models of an air conditioning Oxford as well as other companies use Freon as a refrigerant. Such modifications has paved the way for the use of an air con in a car. Remember maintenance of air conditioner is a necessity. So, if you are residing in London, do not forget to hire an

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