You could get into a relationship with someone who only loves you but sooner or later, you will ask for the respect you deserve and when you will not get that then I would suggest you take the back door and get the hell out of this foe relationship. You will be doing yourself a favor. Physical abuse is also the major kind of disrespectthat your partner could do with you. Firstly hurting your emotions and then beating you and later coming up to you just to have sex, this is the biggest kind of disrespect that you can endure.

Everyone deserves to be with someone who understands their partner’s needs and wants. It is always good to be with the person who understands your desires and make it his motive of life to help you with every possible control he has. Disrespect can come up to you in number of ways. It’s not limited to certain examples. Some people get into a relationship very fast and at initial stages when there partner try to get intimate, they don’t understand what exactly is going on. In such relationships, lust is the priority and emotions hold the secondary place. You will realize that ever you say no to your partner for sex, there is always a clash between you guys. This is the silent alert for you. If your partner cannot respect your decisionof whether or not you want to get intimate then he is not the right person for you. In short, you will not feel like sending him a love quote because you won’t be able to feel anything in that fake relationship.

Respect refersto understanding your partner’s comfort level over yours. Sexual assault is most common when men are more demanding and dominating for it. You can also test your relationship in this context by simply saying no when he is demanding sex over and over. Don’t take decision on the first fight and take few turns before you label your so-called boyfriend as a complete scoundrel and kick his ass.

There is no denying to the fact that relationships where you not only love your partner but also respect their feelings are the ones that makes their destiny together. Respect her feelings by letting her live the way she wants to and make her. If you genuinely want to spend your lifetime with your partner, just focus on understanding their needs. In case of women, it’s only the love, faith and commitment. It is somehow different for men as they need trust, sex and you to take responsibility at the same time. So I would be its pretty easy to impress a girl, just send her I love you quoteand make her feel special.

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