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Bird control is the generic name of method to get rid of birds where the birds mostly congregate or join. Although birds are the beautiful creatures in the world, there are about more than 10,000varieties of birds in this world. To get rid of birds we use different bird repellent devices to stay away birds. The bird repellent devices are categorized as physical, chemical as well as sound deterrents. The physical bird repellent device is mostly used for bird control. Bird spikes as well as bird netting are two repellent examples of bird control.


Bird spike called as anti-roosting spike with long needles like rods used for bird control. The bird spikes can be plastic bird spike or stainless steel spikes. Bird spike is easily to install on buildings, ledges, street lights and commercial signage for bird control. Bird spike are normally 1 foot and work by reducing the area to land on. The plastic spikes are available in different sizes like 2 as well as 4 . The stainless steel spikes can be 2 , 5 , and 8 . Another physical bird control device is bird netting. Bird netting are used t prevent birds from reaching certain areas.

The bird netting can be plastic bird netting as well as knotted bird netting. It physically stops birds from landing birds where the birds mostly congregate. The visual bird repellent is another example to stay away of birds. Some few examples of visual bird repellent devices are scarecrow, Helikites, lasers as well as terror eye, scarcer eye. Sound bird repellent devices include audio bird repellent as well as silent bird repellent devices. Some few examples of audio bird repellent are broadband pro, woodpecker are some example of audio bird repellent. These are installed on trees. The broadband pro repels birds 10,000 sq. feet using ultrasonic bird repellent devices. These bird repellent produces sound when to scare away birds. The silent bird repellent as the name suggests it is silent device. Quad blaster is one of the examples of silent bird repellent device. The quad blaster repels birds up to 6400 square feet using ultrasonic silent waves. Very last type of bird repellent is chemical bird repellent device. The chemical bird repellent include bird gel as well as bird taste repellent. The bird taste repellent comprises of fruit shield repellent, bird shield as well as goose chase gallon

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