Sculpt a Beautiful Backyard With Echo Hedge Trimmers


Richard Luck

Echo Hedge Trimmers Available

Echo offers a number of quality products and the Echo hedge trimmers is one of these products. Echo is known for their reliability, durability and of course the cutting-edge technology that is found within each product. Providing commercial-grade products to the “average” consumer is an advantage that Echo has on their competitors.

Features and Benefits

Features – The features that make Echo hedge trimmers a must have tool. One very important feature to prevent any unintentional motion to turning the blade to the “on” position, there is a throttle lock-out. Another feature that Echo provides is a reduction in excessive vibration while the trimmer is in use. Some other features are:


Extremely durable cutting blade

Padded handles for comfort

Professional-grade case for both the trimmer and “Razor Edge” blades

In regards to the RazorEdge blades, their name says it all as they make trimming branches or bushes a breeze. The patented technology provides a sharp blade for a longer period than other blades. When you use your hedge trimmer on a regular basis, you know that the blade will eventually become dull and must sharpen or replace the blade which can be time consuming. The patent technology gives you a blade that saves you money and time.

Shafts – Different projects will require different shaft lengths and Echo has a number of different lengths that you can choose from. Each one offers the same features you would expect from Echo hedge trimmers except the difference is in the length of their shafts. Several of the hedge trimmers that you can choose from are the 20 inch blade (SHC-2225S), a 33 inch blade (SHC-225), a 51 inch blade (SHC-265) or a 59 inch blade (HCA-265) model.

Selecting a trimmer

If you stick to the basic trimming needs or perhaps dabble in some sculpting of your plants, you may want to invest in a hedge trimmer with a smaller 20 inch blade model. However, a 24 inch (HC-155/HC-165) would work just as well and it can multi-task to use when working on larger plants when needed. If you have a number of different sized plants that require trimming, you may want to opt for the 24 inch and not even worry about getting the 20 inch.

For larger trimming jobs, you would want to choose a trimmer with the longer shaft. The 33 inch model may be even better to meet all of your trimming needs or perhaps you need a larger blade

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Sculpt a Beautiful Backyard With Echo Hedge Trimmers