By Janet Sommers

There is a point in your life where you need to solve your weight problem. The excess poundage is caused by the build-up of fat in your body over the years. Logic dictates that in order to get rid of the extra weight, you need to eliminate the fat. There are a bazillion programs that claim they have the solution for weight loss, but nothing seems to work. Since there are so many diet programs to choose from, it’s easy to lose focus of the real cause of the problem. The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret sets itself apart from other programs because it focuses on the very cause of the weight problem, which is the accumulation of toxic materials in the body. You may be aware that trashy food is bad for your health but you still eat them on a daily basis. It’s not easy to picture your insides with all the toxic build-up without grossing you out. But the truth is that you have been abusing your body with all processed foods you have been eating for as long as you started eating solid food.

The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is a program that offers a different approach to losing the unwanted fat. It zeroes in on the main reason why no matter how hard you workout, you can’t seem to lose weight. Believe it or not, the secret lies within you – literally! Based on research revealed in the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, there are organisms that breed inside your body that can cause you to be bloated and gain a lot of weight. They are parasites that have made your stomachs, intestines, and colon as breeding grounds. They don’t only make you gain weight, they also make you sick. It’s quite shocking that the main culprit is that little bugger living our stomachs. This is like unknowingly poisoning yourself throughout the years. It’s not a pretty picture but take comfort in the fact that there is a solution. The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret will tell you what no doctor or health expert will dare admit. Health products and fat loss drugs and supplements won’t give you the same results because they are not designed to flush out the toxins in your body. The key here is to get rid of the plaque, the parasites, and worms that have been comfortably living inside your body, making it more difficult for you to lose weight. While it’s true that some toxins in the body are naturally flushed out when you move your bowel, there are still filthy critters that remain stuck inside you. It sounds a little disgusting, but you need to face the fact that parasites and plaque are the reasons why you are accumulating excess fat.


Now that you know the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, you must begin your journey to having a healthy, lean, and sexy body. Flushing out all the unwanted little critters in the body will make your body lose the fat and keep it that way forever. Of course, you should also start changing your eating habits by cutting down on trashy food and embracing healthier food.

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