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IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk containers. If you are involved in the transportation of chemicals then you need to purchase Intermediate Bulk containers. These containers are used particularly for transporting liquids, chemicals, and bulk substances.

Used IBC

is used for transporting such type of liquid materials for commercial purposes.


During the transportation of liquid chemicals with the help of trucks and other modes of communications such as shipping, space is considered for the prime concern. If you will pile up the drums, it will leave a lot of unused space that could be hazardous for the transportation of IBC containers. If the containers are having a square shape then it can save a lot of space and can use the completely available area more efficiently. One of the problems with the bulk container is that it can leak at any point of time. Due to this reason, Bulk containers are taken utmost care. However, you can also use IBC containment units as well in order to save the oil spillage that might occur within the due course of time.

Used IBC

water tank for sale

can be found anywhere in the market. Such tanks can be widely used for storing water for commercial as well as household specific purposes. Generally, these tanks are in the form of pallets, which are designed to be placed underneath the IBC in order to check any spill or leaks that might occur. Water tanks that are available for sale can be purchased at a low price as compared with the original price of the tank. These tanks are used for the storage of water for agricultural, human consumption or fire fighting purposes.

These tanks are made from a variety of materials that include stone, steel, and plastic materials. These tanks appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, according to their usefulness. Large cisterns, also called as water towers are used for storing town water while other small tanks are kept on the surface of the roof top in order to meet the demands of a personal building.

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